RelationshipsDo you want to resolve and make your relationships stronger? It starts with you.

"We were born as individuals, not as a couple". 

Counselling can help you feel better about yourself and learning coping strategies and knowledge around this will reflect on your relationships. 

You deserve people that offer love, support and guidance. Having issues with relationships can happen and is quite common as we all have differing personalities, behaviours and perceptions. 

"If you can't love yourself, how can you expect someone else to?"

Relationship are part of our lives and can bring great happiness and fulfilment, sometimes life/work stresses and anxiety get in the way of this.

All relationships are unique, there are several aspects that a relationship needs such as:

  • Trust – Essential to build strong bonds with peopleRelationship (Love Hands)
  • Mindfulness – Being mindful of the other person and their thoughts and feelings
  • Good communication – Keeping in contact will build stronger bonds. Staying honest and open with each other.
  • Mutual respect – A good understanding of needs, values and respecting them

In counselling you are given the time to process your concerns and needs and to explore the relationship itself. What do you want from the relationship etc. To learn about yourself and how situations are dealt with, counselling can offer an insight into techniques and knowledge in to how you communicate with others.

We will explore situations and relationships where I will use a variety of techniques. 

We would look at how you communicate with people and how you perceive others’ actions and your thoughts around it. A lot of exploring of feelings and emotions will be worked through in to your previous or current relationshps.

Relationship (Heart Hands)

Please note that I can only offer sessions for individuals.

Individual sessions can benefit you so you have the opportunity to talk free from judgement. Trust, communication and respect is what a relationship needs to be successful.